Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still addicted to these collages!

Just changed my page image and added a new collage I have created using magazine photos. This one titled "Couture" They are so fun and addicting, you never know what you will end up with!
One on left is called "Hong Kong" main image is from an OPI nail polish ad, then added some great papers and image of shoes and jewelry.

Road Trip 8-16-11 Rotary Gardens

On a beautiful August day I took a trip to Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI. Partly to enjoy the beautiful gardens and weather, but mostly to keep my sanity since my older sister Carol was having Kidney cancer surgery that day. Her surgery turned out fine thankfully and it kept my mind off of it for minutes at a time. I took this great picture of these colorful andirondack chairs which at that moment were empty.
As I was taking this picture I was thinking how fleeting the summer is and what this same spot will look like in the harsh cold winter!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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